Your half, or mine


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I vaguely recall learning something in High School. Specifically what, I don’t know. But I do remember learning about why Brazilians speak Portuguese. And today Wikipedia told me the exact reason!

Pope Alexander IV split the world along the meridian at 36W. To the Portuguese – Africa, Europe, Brazil, and whatever else they found. To the Spanish – America! The Portuguese were pissed they didn’t get more of America, so they ignored the line and kept moving west.

I saw this map in the Navigation museum of Lisbon, and said ‘Hey, why is there a Portuguese symbol in Quebec?’ That question remains unanswered.

One response to “Your half, or mine

  1. Miguel

    Because of Portuguese expeditions to Greenland and North America before the treaty. If you take a closer look to the map under the coat of arms you see “Terra de Labrador” (Land of Labrador) and “Terra de Corte-Real” (Land of the Corte-Real) named after João Fernandes Labrador and the Corte-Real family. So the land was de facto Portuguese.

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